Letters from the Editors-in-Chief

Dear Readers,

We hope everyone is healthy and is not affected a lot by the virus situation. These days are truly dark ages. We can't go to school. We can't reunite with friends. We can't have classes. We can't do some of the most common things in our lives. During such times, maybe writing or creating something is the best choice.


We encourage everyone at Kent, whether you love humanities or science, music or art, to write and make something to be proud of. Not only will you find yourself freed from boredom, but you will also discover your interests. 


Our introductory issues will consist of writings and art by our editors and their friends. We hope that in the next month, we can collect more writings and pieces or art from all of you. As we return to school in the near future, we may find ourself more enlightened by what we have done during this period.

If you have any issues relating to loneliness or others, feel free to email any of us. A simple letter may be also turned into a valuable piece of writing. Thank you!

Best regards,

Andy Xu, Lucy Lu, and Rafael Albolote.

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